Come On Fall! 

Why is it when summer rolls to an end, I feel a natural self defense rise up. An urge to call on winter. A defiable sense of ability to weather out another year of cold crisp mornings and the freezing blowing winds of Wyoming. We know we can do it because it has been done before. This year is no different, other than incredible rain we have been getting this week. What a way to call in the changing season. Kids have returned to school, have I mentioned that they go to the Poison Spider School. Jeff and I are scrambling to finish all the goals we had set in the spring. It has been a crazy year once again. The older I get the more I realize that there is a lot of truth to the saying "Time Marches On". It certainly does. As we roll into what is my favorite season of the year we prepare for shipping, pregging, a full load of cowboy music festivals and gatherings, reunions with friends and families and the onset of another winter. Also getting ready to launch my new CD, "Old Poly Rope" the first of October and I'm so excited to share a little more of what makes me happy. As I went out this morning and smelled the fresh smell of rain on sagebrush and felt the tinge of fall in the air I couldn't help but want to shout out "Come on Fall" bring it on. Hopefully this year we will be ready for ya. Im putting in a sneak peak of a new song on the CD, rightfully named, "Come on Fall" for you to preview. Keep in mind this is a rough draft but since many have asked, here you go.