Springtime in the Sandhills of Nebraska

The mist's hangin' over the meadow
As we trot through the morning dew
Spring calves are bawlin' 
As they cry to their mommas
It rings back to me and to you

Like the green of the cool season grasses
yucca, greasewood and cactus
I need one more day
to live this way
On a cowboy's wage.

Spring is in full force here in the Sandhills. We have received a crazy amount of rain in the last few weeks. Mother's Day was filled with rain, sleet and snow blowing all directions. No power for the day so all hopes of breakfast in bed, or ranch wife pampering(what's that) went out the window of our little jeep cherokee, AKA the calving wagon. It was a day full of mothering, kids and calves that were brought in during the storm. I think we better invest in some paddles at this point in case we need to use the stock tanks as flotation devices. It is getting a little crazy. I am once again reminded of a gift my parents gave us kids growing up, WORK. I'd be in pretty poor shape without it. We are having a blast together. I love to watch my kids be involved with ranch chores and life and always enjoy watching Jeff with the horses. Blessings from our Father in Heaven, all of them, the moisture, the livestock, the kids and my husband, and the life that we live.